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A Loss

“He’s touching me!” That was an often-heard phrase as we drove across Kentucky and into North Carolina to visit my dad’s mother. I didn’t know her very well due to distance, but since we share two names, there’s some kind of connection. This post is dedicated to my paternal grandmother, Catherine Hughes (who I knew better as Katy) who passed away this morning.

Besides the long drives, I remember being fascinated by her house. There were so many interesting things in there. Now of course, the memories are hazy, but let me see what I can remember. The National Geographic collection, the craft supplies for sewing and other projects, the honey and honey pot, the dogs, the porch where we had breakfast, the tall trees that lined the drive and front of the house, the toys, and so much more. 

From what I remember she was a lady who enjoyed smiling, made good food, and possessed a knack for making things beautiful. I look forward to heaven where I’ll be able to get to know her. I just wish I had appreciated her more while I had the chance.

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I go through phases where I want to read every book published and be the most well read (stop booing “nerd” at me). It becomes a bit of an obsession of mine, and sometimes supercedes my time with God. Usually I eventually feel guilty, repent, and change my schedule, but the cycle comes back around again. 

“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” Mark 8:38

This verse hit me like BAM today. It’s not just about the times I let this neglect of my relationship happen. It’s the attitude that creates that moment where novels (and occasionally other books) become more important than God-time. 

I don’t need to read every book written when I have the most important one from God. It’s not wrong to spend time reading, especially those books that make me ponder God, but never should that point of pride about being well-read matter more than my relationship with God. In fact that pride shouldn’t exist at all.

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Crushed Joy

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

I read this verse yesterday and decided I would strive to be more cheerful and kind today. I imagined myself as a little joy-giver to everyone I met. 

Then BAM, all of the little annoyances started. It was cold outside. The kids were talkative and unfocused. Many of them didn’t have their homework completed, and some even tried to finish while I was teaching the lesson. There are too many low grades, which makes me feel bad. The lesson felt rushed and ineffective. I forgot to do things. Then I agreed to sub during my planning period, which was fine, but I had procrastinated on my last period planning so I felt worried all day there wouldn’t be an opportunity to do it (that worked out). My last period students were whiny and wanted a free day. After school I realized I left my car keys in the room where I subbed, but it was locked so I had to walk home to get my spares. So many things kept trying (and sometimes succeeded) to steal my joy. I must admit that at times I displayed more of a crushed spirit because, you know, misery loves company. Ultimately I let my emotions dictate my actions. 

In a perfect God-planned way, my class discussed today that God is faithful and ready to forgive our sins when we ask. That promise restores my joy. Tomorrow is a new day to try again, with God’s renewed strength, to be joyful and to be the encouragement God has called me to be.

Cheers and good night!

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Musketeers in October

My friends and I have been taking part in a photo challenge in which we try to take a fall-themed photo everyday. This past couple of years we’ve slowly separating physically, so we wanted a way to remain connected emotionally. I’ve been posting my photos to Instagram, but I thought since October is coming to a close, I’d share the photos here.


A teacher’s life.


A pile of leaves.


A batch of fall treats. Oh and Scout!


A field of pumpkins.


Fall treats.


Scout’s new favorite spot to curl up.


The beginning of fall colors.


Baking brownies with a friend after she had a rough day.


The backs of the uniforms at the volleyball game.


Leaf crunching has commenced. And the Chacos were still out.


More fall colors. Walks are a wonderful part of my day.


My walk up my “mountain” in honor of Berea’s Mountain Day.

The game in action. These girls played hard this season and came out with a winning season.


My ACT Prep class assembled a OCC box. They wrote Merry Christmas in all of their languages. It was a neat experience, and I’ll do it with my sophomores later this week.


Some friends and I got together to play Settlers of Catan. I’ve been trying hard this school year to balance work and fun.

I brought in my begonias since the weather is getting more chilly, and I don’t want them to die. Here’s to hoping I can keep the plants alive and that Scout doesn’t attack them.


Well that’s what I’ve been up to this October. It’s been full of work, fun, volleyball, Scout cuddles, and rest with God.







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A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember is one of my favorite movies. It tugs at my heart. The main character, who has a strong-rooted faith in God, befriends and falls for the school’s bad guy. There’s a little secret though that she hasn’t shared, but that I won’t share either. 

I appreciate Jamie’s strong convictions. That purity and faith is what draws Landon to her in the first place. Even after they start dating, she maintains boundaries. He tempts her, but she doesn’t give in to the desire to keep a boyfriend. Yes, Mandy Moore is a pretty lady, but the character’s true beauty lies in the faith that begins in her soul and emanates out her eyes.

Dating a guy who openly doesn’t share her faith does seem like a risky move on Jamie’s part. In her case, she’s able to stand her ground and the guy respects her faith. In other cases though, it could be very easy for the guy to pressure her to stray away from her faith and convictions. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of story either where Landon comes to share her faith.

Overall their relationship is wonderfully set sweet. He pursues her, even after she pushes him away. He respects her father. He listens to her remembers her bucket list; then he starts helping her check it off. He even dances with her under the stars. (Mop my heart up off the floor, please.) Only hope.

Now I know life can’t be like the movies because this movie is a work of fiction, but watching it does give me happy feelings. If you haven’t seen it, check it out, and if you have, watch it again. Then, let me know your thoughts. 

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A metaphor too cool to keep in

This is too good of a metaphor not to share even though I should be going to bed.

“and he made from one man every nation of all mankind to live on all the the face of the Earth, having determined allotted periods and boundaries of their dwelling place, that they should seek God, and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him. Yes he is actually not far from each one of us.” Acts 17:24-27
I’ve heard the first part of this verse quoted by my Alma mater many times since it’s their motto, but maybe I’ve never read it in context. Some cool truths popped out at me tonight. God made the Earth with the intention of separating us into time periods and nations. The tower of Babel wasn’t God trying to discipline; it was part of the plan. That’s not even the metaphor I’m most excited to share. 

God separated the people so that we could seek him and feel our way to him. Feel for him? Seeking is usually done with the eyes. I seek for a friend in a crowd by looking, not feeling with my hands, but someone who can’t see with their eyes needs to feel. Therefore, God is saying here that we are blind. How are we blind? Both Paul and John refer to us being blinded by sin in 2 Corinthians 4:4 and John 12:39-40. Before knowing Christ, we can’t see. Only through Christ are the blinders removed.

It just gets cooler though. Here we are, before believing, grasping at anything around us hoping it’s what we desire, even if we don’t know what we desire. We’re blind and can’t see past our own sin, but God is still right there! Verse 27 says he’s not far. He’s there waiting for just the right moment to reveal himself and remove the blinders, but in the meantime he’s still close by. He was there letting us feel his presence and protecting us before we even knew who he was. 

That’s some pretty cool stuff. Do you interpret this passage the same way, or do you see something different?