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It all points to God

I’ll never claim to be scientifically astute or even intelligent, but as I toured the NOAA where my brother is working this summer, one thought kept running through my mind, well maybe two.

1. These people here are very intelligent and passionate to be able to spend their lives watching these computer screens and predicting weather and space patterns. I’ll stick with my line of work because I think I’d go crazy here.

2. I’m sure all of the work they do has value in my life somehow, but the tour really impressed on me that there has to be a Creator with an intelligent design. When the scientist was talking about the Earth’s electromagnetic field (or something like that) protecting it from some sort of something (my brother would be ashamed about how ignorant I still am of all these terms), it just seemed so apparent to me that God had it all planned out and he created a perfect place for us to live.

While this tour wasn’t my most favorite aspect of the trip, it definitely helped me appreciate all of the work of God. Join me as I pray for the scientists in this field who may not see God’s design when they look at the skies and for those who do believe and are fighting to protect their faith.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Psalm 19:1

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More Mountains

Earlier I posted about the mountains, but I guess I hadn’t really seen the mountains until we drove up Mt Evans today. The road was nerve-wracking, but the view was worth the trip. 14000 feet.

Great things are done when men and mountains meet. -William Blake

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds. -Edward Abbey

Our peace shall stand as firm as rocky mountains. -William Shakespeare

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! -John Muir

There were even mountain goats wandering around.

On the way out, it began sleeting, which was an odd experience in July. The temperature dropped to around 40 degrees though on top of the mountain. The cyclists were still riding though.

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Kicking up our heels in Kansas

Some may say there’s nothing in Kansas, but we sure found plenty to entertain ourselves. After a stay in Kansas City on the Kansas side, we traveled a brief distance to Topeka.

Both being educators, we decided to have our educational portion of this trip at the Brown vs. Board of Education museum.

Our next piece of entertainment was the numerous windmills. Mom was very excited, so it was good I was driving.

We chose our resting spot for the evening because there is a giant, 80-foot Van Gogh painting.

I even added my own touches.

If we’re still awake at dark, we might even step outside to see some fireworks. Tomorrow we’re crossing into Colorado.

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The unexpected

This weekend was our 7th annual camping trip things didn’t go as planned. Two of our meats got left out. A friend at the last minute didn’t get to come. The water in the pond was really low. It just wasn’t the weekend I was expecting. For the past bit my mantra has been “God has a plan”. I’m sure this weekend was no different. Even though I haven’t quite sorted it all out, I know God has a plan. The changes to my agenda were not random or unnecessary; in fact it was still pretty good weekend. Here are some highlights.

We relaxed in hammocks.
Each person had her own hammock.
Even though the water was down, the view was still beautiful.
We’d already celebrated my birthday once, but they brought cupcakes anyway.
The land owner took us on a nice tour of his forest. It’s always a nice excursion. This time we saw baby raccoons.
I was the fire master. Not once did we have to use any fluid to start it. Even though it rained Friday night, we still had a fire to heat water for tea and coffee each morning.
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Dumped… Again.

Sometimes finishing a good book feels like getting dumped.

Recently I took a reading personality test that asked me how I know a book is good. I answered that a book is good when it makes me want to skip meals or obligations in order to keep reading. I also know a book is good when I go  to a book store and see a book, immediately want to buy it because I enjoyed it so much, and then realize I already own it. Finally a good book puts me in a book slump where I spiral into massive amounts of Netflix watching.

Finishing a good book feels similar to how I’ve felt after a relationship ends, granted I’ve only had a bit of experience in that category. During a good relationship, you allow the relationship to absorb time you used to spend doing or thinking about other things. After it ends, you sigh over other relationships, wish you could have it, and realize that you already had it. Finally after a good relationship you may be in a relationship slump where dating can be hard to break into again, so you watch massive amounts of Netflix to cope.

It’s not a perfect metaphor, and any good book lover who’s ever been dumped might just understand these feelings. Let me know.

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A Reading Dilemma

I’m packing up to leave for a trip very soon, and I’m going to be gone a couple weeks. I have a slight problem (besides the fact that I’m going to miss my Scout like crazy).

I don’t know which books I should bring on the trip! Okay so this is sort of a first world problem and probably not worth stressing about, but book lovers will understand. I’m not sure right now what mood I’ll be in. One time I went away for just a weekend and brought a book to read, but when I found time to read it wasn’t appealing to me (I also haven’t read it since because of that bad taste).

Some smart person will probably tell me that I should use a Kindle or an app, so I have a whole collection of books to choose from. No. No. No. It’s just not the same. Sorry. Not happening.

Alas I must make a decision, so I selected one teacher book, an Elie Wiesel collection, a Robin Jones Gunn book I haven’t read, and a Ted Dekker. Hopefully the wide variety in addition to the Bronte I’m currently reading will suffice me if I can’t find a bookstore.

Happy reading!