Slow Down

Slow Down

Our mothers tell us to slow down

but when she turns her back we speed up.

We rush down the road

and ignore all of the attractions.

At times we become tired

but still we forge ahead.

Without heading to mother’s directions

we might miss something.

When we take this road fast

we don’t fully see all of the possiblities.

When we speed

we run the risk of crashing.

Instead of reading each sign carefully

we follow the path we think is correct.

We rely on our Google Maps and Mapquest

without realizing that they only give the shortest route.

We always choose the short route when really

the longer route might bring more pleasure.

In those times when we become lost

we bang our head against the steering wheel and curse.

We forget that Momma said to enjoy the adventure

and that Poppa said maps take the fun out.

Our mothers and fathers tell us to slow down

but instead we speed down this highway.