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Putting Out the Fleece

God, do you really mean that? How do I know that’s really your voice? I’ve had these questions before. In some ways, I’m searching for God’s voice right now. Oh how I wish God would just speak as he did in the Old Testament.
Based on the stories in the Old Testament though, it doesn’t appear that it was any easier to discern God’s voice than it is today. God called to Gideon and told him to destroy the altar of Baal. God gave him a sign in that moment by burning up an offering right in front of him. So Gideon did it. Then God sent him to do something else. Gideon asked for another sign. I can’t really judge Gideon because I’ve questioned God as well. It just seems that after the first amazing sign of confirmation he wouldn’t need another sign. Yet God gave it to him. He wet the fleece. Then he did it again by keeping the fleece dry.
Rather than focusing on whether Gideon was right in this move, I’d like to think about God’s patience. God gave Gideon these signs of confirmation. He didn’t have to do that. He could have showed his wrath, but he chose to show mercy. That’s who God is. This gives me hope that God will be patient with me as well. I’m so unsure sometimes, but God is there to reassure me.

Judges 6:32-40



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