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The Story of Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus knew about Jesus. He at least knew enough to be excited that Jesus was in town. He only wanted to look at Jesus from a distance. Maybe he thought he was not good enough to be in the presence of Jesus but he still wanted a chance to see him. So he climbed a tree.

Jesus knew. He knew Zacchaeus’s pain so he stopped and called to him. Jesus offered a chance to know him. The great thing is that Zacchaeus responded immediately. He could have ignored Jesus or denied his faults. But he didn’t. He knew Jesus was special. He desired to make Jesus happy and to follow Jesus. So Zacchaeus gave up his sins to follow Jesus.

How similar that is to so many lifesongs. The individual knows something about Jesus. Maybe he’s heard Jesus’s name at a church or he’s seen Christians in the world. The individual knows that something special is going on with Jesus. Something holds this individual back. Maybe there’s shame or fear or guilt. So he hides yet tries to catch a glimpse.

Jesus knows. He knows the individual’s pain so he stops and calls. He offers a chance to know him. The individual has a choice. He can ignore Jesus and deny his faults or he can humble himself to answer the call. The individual knows that Jesus is special. If only the individual will give up his sins like Zacchaeus did and follow Jesus.



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