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A Time Of Waiting

I know I’ve made several posts about waiting but I think that’s the lesson God keeps trying to teach me. Waiting is difficult that’s for sure.
There was a man in the Bible that sure knew what it meant to wait. Well there are several now that I think on it, but the one that I’m thinking of right now is Noah. I know I’ve read the flood story numerous times and heard it told many more but God always finds something new to reveal.
Noah waited.
A long time.
Noah waited on God while he built the ark. Waiting doesn’t always mean twiddling your thumbs. Noah had a task but he didn’t know how long God would take to send the rain. By the way, Noah probably looked pretty silly to his friends who had forgotten God-waiting for something that had never happened before.
Next, Noah waited on the boat. He was on the boat for over a year, waiting. To top it off, Noah was 600 years old. Jeez! Think about the aches and pains he must have had at that age. Still he waited.
If Noah could wait on that boat for over a year with stinky animals and whiny children just so God could accomplish his plan, I think waiting on God for the short amount of time he makes me wait shouldn’t be so hard. Noah gives waiting a bit more perspective and the hope that God will fulfill his promises.



3 thoughts on “A Time Of Waiting

  1. God is forever it seems waiting on us in many areas of our lives. Whether it be in coming to Him, submitting to Him, throwing off our worldly desires, seeking Him, etc. With that said all though It’s truly easier to say than do, waiting we’ll do: )

    1. I agree. It seems that since God waits so much on us we should be more patient in waiting on him. Alas though. I’m not very patient most of the time and end up making a mess of things.

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