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Vulnerable Love

“The best gift you can ever give or receive is to be vulnerable.” -host on KLove.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” Moulin Rouge (and probably someone else).


I think these quotes are essentially saying the same thing. To be loved and to show love is to be vulnerable.

Being vulnerable means to tear down those walls and allow someone else to see the joys and the struggles in the same place. Some people hide behind their sadness while others mask their sadness with joy. To be vulnerable is to let both be seen. That’s hard. Part of letting that inner self be seen is that there is the chance of rejection. That’s why it’s easier to let people just get peeks into your heart, but is that truly love? Shouldn’t it be that you let people see the whole of you? I’m not saying this can be done with every person you meet but it can especially be done with those people that you trust.

So these quotes line up perfectly even though they come from very different sources. It’s scary to take down that wall and let someone see the inner self and be vulnerable to attack, but it’s what will give happiness. Most importantly though is to let God see that inner self. What’s amazing about God is that he has promised that he won’t attack you, that he has your best intentions in mind. He is someone to with your vulnerable self. Maybe that’s a place to start.



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