Posted in Gratefulness

Day Six: People

Today’s gratefulness post is a bit harder today because I am struggling with some things. I think the struggles are because it’s Wednesday, my busiest day and the day I don’t get much time to process. But that’s okay. I can still find things to be grateful and even just the process of thinking through things I am grateful for today was good for me and lifted my spirit.

Today I am grateful for people. I am not very good at opening up to people but I am grateful for people being there. I sometimes may push people away but there are a select few who stick by regardless.

I am grateful for the times I can be around people just the same I am grateful for the times I can be alone. I need both.

I am grateful for the connections I can make with people. Even if sometimes I am disappointed that some connections don’t go deeper for some reason or another, I am grateful for connections. People need each other.

People are beautiful.

Okay, this isn’t making much sense on the screen. I’m tired so I’ll stop now. Be who you are.



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