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Day One: Reading and Writing

A while back I read a blog by a singer that I really like where she was trying to do 21 days of gratefulness in an effort better her mood and view on life. I thought it was cool. Today is the first day of November which is typically viewed as a month of gratefulness and people like to post what they are thankful for everyday leading up to Thanksgiving. I’ve always thought it kind of fake that they only did this during the month of Thanksgiving and used the rest of the year to post complaints. After reading my singer’s blog and realizing that my attitude on life could use some adjustment, I want to give this a try. 

So that’s how I got here- starting on the first of November and trying to post what I am thankful for everyday. I’m not putting a constraint on how long I will continue. I’ll go until God tells me to stop.

Day One:

These are not going to be in order of importance in my life because that would mean that I would start with salvation but I think I will save that for another day.

Today I am extremely grateful for the ability to read and write. I imagine that ability puts me in a minority worldwide. Reading and writing are something I do on a daily basis and I cannot imagine life without them. So many times, I get sweet notes of encouragement from friends, read awesome quotes in a book, or write a thought so I can remember it, and I don’t even consider what a blessing that ability is.

Reading is a favorite pastime of mine. If I’m not talking to people, I’m typically reading. It passes times, enriches my brain, and gives me an escape from this world.

When I watch the young children in the tutoring program where I work struggle to read or write, I think of just how easy it comes to me now and how hard it was when I was young. I’ve come a long way. I appreciate that journey and the work it took to get me to the literacy level I am at now.

Writing is a form of therapy for me. I journal almost everyday. I put things in that journal that I don’t tell other people. I write down ideas for future writing. I copy scripture and quotes.

If I couldn’t read, I wouldn’t understand the Bible and that is devastating to think of. Yes, I could listen to it on audio versions or someone could read it to me, but that’s not the same as reading it for myself.

So today, I am grateful that I can read and write. I am grateful for the numbers of people along the way that have taught me these skills and helped me to improve.



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