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Lessons from Hannah

Last night as I started reading 1 Samuel, I found myself really relating to Hannah. It’s always amazing how I can re-read a passage of scripture and relate it to a part of my life like I’ve never related it before. That’s God.

Hannah suffered emotional pain during that first chapter. She was not given the desires of her heart and to top it off Penninah was cruel to her and reminded her of her lacking. Sometimes I just do not understand why I don’t have something that I really want and that seems to be in line with God’s will. The thing is that God has a perfect plan and I can’t understand it. I’m glad though for times when he’s either made me wait or not given me something I want because usually in the aftermath I can see a bit of why it worked that way.

Hannah’s first response was to cry. That happens. “Each time Hannah would be reduced to tears and would not even eat.” (1:7).

Then she turned to God. That’s a good response. Hannah was encouraged by God and by Eli, who blessed her desire and her prayer.

She received what she wanted. Now that doesn’t always happen but God has it all under control.

Another cool part of this story is that Elkanah supported Hannah’s promise to God when she chose to give Samuel back to the Lord. That’s how a husband should be.

It seems risky on Hannah’s part to make a deal with God, but she was wholeheartedly willing to be faithful to that promise. That’s what is important. Don’t make promises, especially to God, that you can’t keep.

Finally, her faith is demonstrated in her prayer in chapter 2. She reminds herself and the readers that “all the earth is the Lord’s and he has set the world in order.” (2:8b). To me that says “God has it all under control.”

So next time you’re feeling down and ignored by God, remember how Hannah reacted. Be faithful to believe that God has a perfect plan.



One thought on “Lessons from Hannah

  1. What a blessing to see you let God speak to your heart through His Word! And sharing wisdom good for all ages!

    Blessings to you today.

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