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The Triangular Battle



I often feel like I am in constant battle.  The Bible talks about a war going on in each of us, and I definitely feel it sometimes. Excuse my lack of art skills and look at the figure I drew to represent the battle.  I feel like I am trapped in a triangle where the three forces vying for my attention are my sinful nature, what others want from me, and what God wants from me.  I want God to win out, but sometimes the other two take control.  It’s not about finding a balance between the three of these; it’s more about making who I am and what others want from me less important than what God wants.

An example of giving in to who I am is when I allow myself to be jealous of other people.  In my mind I get jealous of what others have, how easy other people’s lives seem, and the attention that others receive.  I stop focusing on how God has blessed my life and focus on what I am lacking.  There is a verse in Ecclesiastes that addresses this.  Ecclesiastes 6:9 says “Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have. Just dreaming about nice things is meaningless; it is like chasing the wind.” Yep.  When I am enjoying God’s blessings and thanking him, there is no jealousy.

An example of giving in to what others want from me is when I allow other people to influence my decisions.  Sometimes I am too hard of a worker and I don’t know when to say no.  This leads to long hours working on group projects and often this leads to stress, frustration, and a lack of God time.  I usually feel miserable.  It would be so much better if I would just say no sometimes and let others share the load.  I can’t do it all, but I feel that others expect me to so I sure do try sometimes.  The truth of the matter is that I can’t do any of it without God.

When I rely on God and listen to what he wants in my life, I am happier.  I feel more satisfied knowing that I am following his great plan.  I know that his plan is better than anything I could plan.  It takes patience, but I am finding that if I am constantly looking for ways that God is working in my life I see them more.  Sometimes I can’t say how God is working in my life, because I am not looking.  It takes a constant awareness and lots of prayer but God does show me bits of the plan.  I’ve just got to be patient and searching for him.



One thought on “The Triangular Battle

  1. Wow, fabulous post!! I truly and honestly could relate exactly to what you were saying. I feel like lately I have been feeling pulled in my the world and I can’t find my way back to God. It seems like it is much more of a struggle than it once used to be. I like the verse you mentioned- so applicable to what I’ve been feeling. Lately I feel like I have been desiring things that don’t really matter and I have been focusing more on the things I don’t have than the things I do have. I like how you mentioned about dreaming about things- I have been spending more time dreaming and wishing for things to occur and spending less time with God. Wow, so true- sometimes I can’t really say what I’m learning since I’m not looking and wanting to learn!! It is hard sometimes to keep a constant relationship with God, but I think the commitment and perseverance is worth it- if a Christian life was easy everyone would want to be doing it! : ) Thank you for this post!!

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