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Who am I?

During my freshman year here, I received a t-shirt that said “I am…” and then had a space below to fill in the sentence with a marker.  Okay.  So second day at college and they want me to advertise on a t-shirt who I am, much less know who I am?  I believe on that shirt, which later became part of the rug I made a while back, I wrote “I am…who I am.”  But that’s kinda vague now isn’t it.

Today in class, we talked about the part of The Odyssey where Alkinoos asks Odysseus who he is.  Technically all Alkinoos asks is what Odysseus’ name is and where he comes from, but Odysseus proceeds to spend the next three books telling his tales.  And that is how he answers the question of “who are you?”.  When thinking about this part, I realized that we can only truly know who someone is if we know their experiences.  People are a collection of experiences-good and bad.

So I urge you, and myself, to get to know people.  Ask them questions about what they’ve experienced during life and really take the time to listen to stories.  Be interested in what people are doing and what they have done in the past.  That is the way to really get to know someone. No offense to whoever made that t-shirt I received freshman year, but a rectangle on a shirt cannot define who I am, nor could it really define anyone else.

Challenge for the day?  Ask someone to tell you a story about something.  You just might learn something you didn’t know about them.



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