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Musical Moments

I was on an emotional high when I left the concert.  It was four hours of great music.  Okay there were a few bands that weren’t exactly my style, but I did get to experience some of my greats such as Mercy Me, Tenth Avenue North, Kutless, and Jeremy Camp.  By the time Mercy Me came on as the last band, I was emotionally overloaded, so it didn’t even really sink in that I was seeing a band that I have been listening to since 6th grade.

As I was listening to the great songs, I pondered why I enjoy going to concerts so much.  I do want to support the bands that I think are doing a great job of spreading the message, but I can do that by buying their CDs.  For the bands that I really liked, I don’t think that they care immensely about the fame they receive, or at least I hope that they don’t.  They definitely don’t need my support to keep singing.  It was good to hear their thoughts about songs, but that also is not the reason that I go listen to them live.  I don’t want to idolize the bands, because they are blessed with their talents only because God allows them to be blessed.  Most of all I am thankful for their talents.  Their music speaks to me and sometimes gets me through the day.

I’m really not sure why I go to concerts, except to escape from reality for a while and surround myself with music.  That’s hard to find in the real world, because I don’t like to just let myself sit still and listen to music when there are so many other things I could be doing.

I do know that I cannot just let it be one night of awesome worship and reflection on songs.  It has to happen outside of that setting.  I can praise God anywhere and I must let my love for God show in the “real world.”

That’s the moral of the story: Shine.



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