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Life Goal Accomplished: The Red Pony

A while back, I decided to make a “bucket list” for myself, although I simply call it “Life Goals.”  I haven’t shared all of these goals with people for fear that I will fail at them, but today I succeeded with one.  One of my goals was to read an entire book in a library.  My stipulation was that it couldn’t be the school library, because while that is a great library it’s too easy to stay there for hours.  Instead, I had in my mind that I wanted to do this in a public library.  Now that’s a hard task for me because I don’t really have much time to spend hours sitting in the library reading a book.  Today though, I found the time while waiting to get back into my dorm.


I chose John Steinbeck’s The Red Pony, because I have enjoyed Steinbeck novels in the past and it was fairly short.  I knew I had about 2.5 hours because I wanted it to be in one sitting.  The book is only 100 pages, but it is a book.  Success!

It feels good to check things off my list.

The book:

It is a very disjointed book, but I understand more now that I know it was published in separate sections in a magazine originally.  I appreciate the simplicity of the novella though.  It beautifully expresses the innocence of the young boy, Jody, who comes to learn of the world throughout this book.  The book is split into four separate stories that happen within a short span of Jody’s adolescence and that teach him about life and people.  He learns what it means to lose a loved one, how to treat people, and how to grow up.  All in all, it’s a beautiful glimpse into the life of this boy.



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