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Lately I have been struggling quite a bit with something that is very personal, something I’m not going to disclose because it’s not necessary here.  The point of this tidbit of this information is to point toward the fact that at times this part of my life makes me very sad and tries to steal my joy.  It makes me feel horrible and I wonder why I keep trying, but then God sends songs my way.  (Just as much as God can speak through scripture, he can also speak through good songs.).  Last night he did just that.

1. Never Gonna Steal My Joy by Mandisa

Life may push my heart to the limit
But I won’t let go
Of the joy in my soul
‘Cause everything can change in a minute
And the world may try
But they’re never gonna steal my joy


When I start thinking about these sad parts of my life, I get overwhelmed and I truly feel like my heart is pushed to the limit.  This song helps remind me that even though my happiness is fleeting, joy is constant.


2. Captured by Natalie Grant

Everywhere I go you find me
Even when I run
I’m captured
I’m captured in you
Everywhere your love surrounds me
I cannot escape
I’m captured


I am captured by Jesus.  No matter how alone I feel or how sad my thoughts are, Jesus has me surrounded by his love.  That gives me hope.


3. Never Gonna Be Alone by FFH

But I say we’re all the same
We all want the same things out of life

We all wanna be loved, we all wanna belong
We all wanna know it’s gonna be alright

Those lyrics are so true.  We all do want love and to fit in and to know that things are gonna work out.  The problem is that the world can’t give those to us, no matter how hard I sometimes want that to happen.  It’s the next lines in the song that answer how to get those desires.

That’s why Jesus came
And gave His life away
And rose again on the that day

Jesus can answer all of those desires for us and for me.  Jesus can give me more love than I could ever get from someone on this Earth; he has a place specifically prepared for me; he knows how my life will work out for His good.


Nope.  I can’t let things of this life steal my joy, because God proves himself over and over.  Sometimes that’s just hard to remember at times, but God sends little reminders along the way.  I don’t know if this post is more for my mind or for yours, but God does know.



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