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Travel Thoughts

I am currently on a class trip to NC for my education class.  Tomorrow we will be going to observe a middle college high school, which basically means high schoolers taking college classes.  On the trip down here, I had a few thoughts I will share with the general public:

1. This week I have realized a new love for the mountains and fall.  Earlier this week I was spending some time outside on campus and I looked out over the fields toward the more hilly regions.  It was so beautiful that I wished I had the ability to paint.  There were reds, greens, blues, yellows, and colors unnamable mixing together.  This same scene was even more beautiful as I walked to class earlier that morning when the fog crept over the hills to make the colors muted and fuzzy.  Today as we drove toward NC, I couldn’t help but gaze out at the bigger hills that were covered with the same beautiful trees.  I typically groan about fall because it means that winter is coming, but this year I feel thankful for the cool air and the gorgeous colors.  It’s almost as if God’s paintbrush was particularly full this year.  Now, don’t expect me to be so optimistic when it really does start getting cold, although that will mean sweaters, scarves, and hot chocolate.

2. There are 16 people on this trip, which means that there is a wide variety of personalities and backgrounds.  When I spend time with people, I tend to ask myself whether they’d be good travel companions or not.  This is usually classified by their noise level, complaints, and neediness.  There are definitely some people on this trip that I would not choose to travel with.  In the situations where they are particularly complain-ey, I find myself becoming more the opposite.  On a typical basis, I can complain some, but tonight I found myself being particularly nice to the waitresses.  I guess my mind wants to contrast the other members of the group.

3. This is not something I noticed particularly today, but something I’ve been noticing for a while.  I tend to be off and on about my personal Bible study, but lately I have been striving to be diligent about my Bible study.  My previous excuse was that I had so much reading to do as an English major that I didn’t have time to do my Bible study, but now my attitude has changed.  I am finding that I can still find time to study the Bible and all of my reading for class gets done.  God wins.



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