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Roxie (my car- I’ll tell the story of it’s name later) decided to be finicky today.  I was on my way to the camp where I work (it is about a 2.5 hour drive from where I am now) for a reunion.  Roxie and I got about an hour into the drive, when the airbag light came on.  I, not knowing much about cars, thought it was my door light, so I pulled over to check my doors.  When it didn’t go off, I took the approach of turning off and on the car.

Well, the car didn’t come back on.

I refused to panic, but I had no clue what to do.  I was an hour from my dorm, 1.5 hours from camp, and 4 hours from home.  I had jumper cables, a spare tire, a change of clothes, water, and my Bible.  After some debate, my roommate decided to drive her car to come jump my car.  That worked for about 500 feet.  We got into a turn around, I stopped to check the road, and the car died again.  This time we pushed the car back away from the road and began racking our minds.  My car could not be left there in the middle of the road.  About the time, we got ahold of our youth pastor, a nice friendly volunteer fireman stopped to help.  God sure does send all the help at once doesn’t he? 🙂

I was able to get a wrecker to bring my car back to the college, and now it is waiting in the church parking lot for a new alternator.  Crazy day.



Roxie’s Name

Roxie, my car, is a Ford Escort Sport who does well considering her age.  She’s named somewhat after a man that used to come in to the restaurant where I worked.  This cantankerous old man’s name was Bill Rex.  One day I rode with him to his house to help him carry some food into his house.  On the ride he told me that he had never had had a wreck in 60 years that was his fault (the only ones had been deer hitting him), and his mantra was to “drive for yourself and everyone else.”  So far that mantra has worked for me as well.  I named her Roxie, because it was similar to his name and to remind myself.



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